Feedback for Optimization Puzzle

Feel free to send us your feedback about this new feature.

What the community wants :

  • To be able to see the current and the best version of my code. (In Progress)
  • The leaderboard should be language dependant (I want to save 1 code per language) (In Progress)
  • Add a char counter in the IDE (Done!)
  • Add some informations on the puzzle page (Ranking instead of 0/0, …)
  • Add some free CodingPoint (Achievement/Ranking Point…) (In Progress)
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Save by language, so that we can code golf without needing to use another language because it could be less verbose

Yes, I would really enjoy saving by language, too. Maybe the leaderboard could just show the best result per user, and then - once you switch to filter for a language - show every result of that language, even if people also had shorter results with other languages.

Plus, the IDE definitely needs a char counter. :smile: Otherwise, after a language change it’s tricky to see, if the code is actually better before submitting.

Do space and newline caracters count in the total?

No, the white spaces do not trigger the counter yet. It should be modified in fews days.

Are there any rules for optimization that we can read ?

I feel like there should be more explanation on what exactly we must optimize and how our score is computed.

Maybe there is and i didn’t see it or it’s still a work in progress , if so, my bad ^^

This aside, i think a section like is perfect and is what many of us wanted, so thanks.

For the feedback:
- The char counter would be perfect
- Some CP gives more motivation to do our best so i totally agree

  • For the leaderboard, yes for optimization it really should be totally language dependant

By the way , making every leaderboard language dependent would be great too, so we can see our progress in different languages. But this may be really heavy i know ^^

@SaiksyApo The empty char that know count is a weird stuff, because of that we must uglyfy our code just to win some characters, that’s lame. At least allow ‘\n’ so we can still breaze + some language don’t allow NOT spacing, example: python so they are now disavantaged

EDIT: could it be possible to rename it ‘code golf’ since it is that kind of competition, which is to write the less characters possible?

But Python is advantaged because of its non verbose syntax and of its syntaxic sugar, instead of Pascal.

I would love to have multiple leaderboards for code size, one per language. Some languages are really verbose, other aren’t. Of course, I’m a java fan so I’m not objective ! :slight_smile:

That would be great if it was possible to send one code per language. I’ve sent my code in Python but without that rule, I would have been interested to do my best in Java/C/C++ instead.

But the most important thing for me is to show the result for the last submission. That’s particularly true for Mars Lander: you think you have improved your code but the result remains the same => in that case you don’t know whether your ship has crashed or if you simply don’t have the benefits you were expecting.

Need a button to access the leaderboard without submitting.


It will be nice to have some kind of simple CVS inside browser IDE. Sometimes some good parts of the code which hasn’t been submitted yet lost during modification.

The input/output/constraints are the same as for the previous question. The goal is to minimize the fuel left.

Shouldn’t you try to minimize the fuel consumption instead? :slight_smile:

The optimization leaderboard is already accessible via the leaderboard section.

Thanks, fixed.

These new challenges are interesting and fun, this is a great idea! :slight_smile:

However, as it has been mentioned, challenges where we need to have shortest code are subject to “hacky tricks” which are not in the spirit of code golfing (I refer to the fact that Thor never need to go north, for example).

Being able to study the result of our solution in order to find opportunities for improvement does not seem desirable, in my opinion, as it can lead to totally hardcoded solutions.

Therefore I think that when you click on “View report”, the TV Player and test cases results should not be displayed. This would prevent any form of hardcoding.

It thus leave space for organizing various reports if multiple languages leaderboards are implemented. :blush:


I agree, I really like the new challenges, but it’s not interesting to write something specifically for the tests, and not the general case

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We working on it right now, it will be available for the next release.

Sometimes I can’t submit my solution : instead, the old solution remains the one posted. Happened with the 2 code length challenges. Not sure if it’s a bug, or if for some reason the new solution has worse score than the old one and CG decides to keep the old one without any warning. If it’s the latter, it’d be nice to know how well the last submission does with the final tests.

I know it could be difficult if there will be separated leaderboards for languages but what about telling our ranking(s) on the puzzle list page? Currently, there’s only “0/0” information that are useless don’t you think?

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