Feedback : Report confirmation timeout or fail & allow own test cases


Just finished my first puzzle (the Ticket To Ride Community puzzle), which was a lot of fun, but there were two things I would have liked to see in the tool:

  1. Confirmation tests should say if they failed, or timed out.
    The solutions to these two situations are completely different, and it would be good to know which one to pursue. I spent a lot of time coming up with (and fixing) ever more convoluted edge-cases until I realised my original fix was completely fine and just needed optimising.
    Through all this my code passed the puzzle tests, so I was gettting no feedback or guidance from there.

  2. Add ability to run your own test scenarios (setup/result) along with the puzzle-defined ones.
    When investigating edge cases I wanted to test some nasty situations, so I came up with some extra puzzles/answers. I couldn’t find a place to run these in the IDE so I ported the whole thing to a Visual Studio wrapper and worked on them there.
    It would be pretty trivial to provide a system to add user-defined test cases, so you can do this and stay within the IDE.

Also I noticed when I saw the sample solutions that several of them set compiler-specific optimisation flags in the first line. You should have compiler optimisation on by default if you’re going to time the tests!

Anyway, it was all a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to having a go at some more.

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  1. is already possible now. Just activate the expert mode in the settings on the left of your IDE. Note: this does not work for interactive puzzles.



Perfect! I thought it was such a simple thing to implement it must be there somewhere.
I didn’t notice the expert’ mode. I’ll add my own test cases as a comment to the problem forum.