[Forum UI] Direct link to category + Shortcut notation

In the “hamburger menu” there’s a list of categories, as anchor links. When i ctrl+click on this one (or right-click on it and copy shortcut), i get (to) " https://forum.codingame.com/c/feedback-bugs "… which redirects to https://www.codingame.com/forumc/feedback-bugs . Note the missing slash in there, which results in a 404.

The redirect should clearly be to https://www.codingame.com/forum/c/feedback-bugs , which is what i wanted to find: a direct link. Since merely clicking on the link in that menu (or in the All Categories page) will not update the URL for me.

PS You might want to change the “Keyboard Shortcuts” to show them as g+<key> instead of g,<key> … since it’s not mere sequential keypresses ( as the comma implies – q.v. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keyboard_shortcut#Notation ), i need to keep holding “g” for the shortcut to work. After all, you’ve used Ctrl + Alt + f and not Ctrl, Alt, f for the Search item, haven’t you? :-B

I cannot reproduce the ctrl+click issue. I’m on a Mac. I’m afraid it’s a Discourse issue more than a CodinGame issue.

:-? do you have right-click (hold-click?) and then “open in new tab” on a Mac?

Or a more direct approach would be to try and access that first link ( https://forum.codingame.com/c/feedback-bugs ) … Won’t it redirect you somewhere else?

yup. It just refreshes the forum frame (directing me to the correct link) inside the CodinGame window