Friendlist missed


I’m missing a friendlist, where I can add some coworkers and/or friends to see how good I’m compared with my friends. Also I want to see if my friend take part at a contest or not and so one.


I up that topic because i don’t see the point of having a public profile if you don’t have anyone to compare with.

Any kind of leaderboard like on steam:

would be great too

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That definitely makes sense to see my buddies and how they compare to each other and oneself of course.

Seeing who’s online, chatting, challenging friends in AI battles and so on …

If one of my buddies provides a 100% solution in the same programming language as I did for a given challenge, it would be nice to be able to compare the solutions and to see which solution has a better performance

Just want to come up with the question if the people one refers or already referred can be added to ones followers list?

Btw, did you remove the invite friends link from the profile overview?

I’m uping this topic to know if we’re going to see the users that we invite to this website, i know I’ve invited more than 15, and I’d gladly track their progress, but i don’t know their login anymore so i can’t search them to add them in following. If it’s not planned before a long time, can another kind admin send me the list of login so I can manually follow them myself? @SaiksyApo


That’d be great, I’ve referred more than 50, time for a new badge? :wink: