Games List interface

It would be great to add filters on the game list page

-Especially an option to hide finished puzzles (100%)

-The possibility to collapse puzzle groups by difficulty,
Click on the “Easy” title to Show/Hide them all.

I’m tired of scroolling Down and seek the puzzle lefts


I can’t agree more :smile:
Plus a way to save your previous settings in cookies or anything else.


I’ll add that it would be cool to see easely if you earned all the achievement in a game.
And also the pourcentage of people who get the achievement. (a bit like steam badge)

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I already talk about that sooner, i’m totally for this too :slight_smile:

And while we’re at it, that’ll be great to have completionist achievement like “All easy puzzle done”

BUT since the puzzles are constantly growing, i’ll see more something like “You finished 10 Easy puzzles”, “You finished 30 Medium puzzle” etc…

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Agreed! 237 days old and not addressed?

Even just collapsing difficulty groups would be a start. Progression now feels like a penalty having to scroll past problems every page load.



I’ve done a Tampermonkey script to add this feature on my pc and it’s awesome.
The game category are collapsed by default (could be done only if 100%) and I can click on them to expand and see the puzzles.

Thanks for your work.
Hope it helps.