Get access to my PR2 source code


I just wanted to know how to get access to my code on PR2. I worked only with the provided IDE and I don’t have any copy. I didn’t know that the end of the challenge would prevent me to reach my code. I just wanted to get it because lot of people wanted to see it.

Thanks !

I’m flabbergasted…

Really ? I don’t know… For a small single file project, I don’t see the point of using git or another IDE.

Well, with one wrong move, accidentally delete the code from Codingame’s IDE, submits in panic, and it’s lost.
But I like the way you like live easily :smile:

Ah ah. It’s usually not a good idea to submit in panic anyway ^^
And if I make a mistake, I can still use ctrl+z.

Okay, I forgot to add, that there is a power outage after submit :smile:

Anyway, if Platinum Rift 2 goes into the training section then you will find your code there:

My laptop has a battery :wink:
thank you for the tip. We’ll see if it goes there…

PR2 Training is now available since 2-3 days in your Profile -> Recent Activity.