Getting Credit for Previously Invited Friends

I am working on getting achievements, and the last Bronze achievement I am missing is inviting friends. I have actually invited a whole lot of friends already, but never thought to give them the link so I would get credit towards achievements. Now many of my friends already have accounts, and the referral achievements will be very hard for me to get despite the fact I have already referred a lot of people.

There should be a way for people who already have accounts to credit the person who referred them after they have registered. It should be a one-time non-transferable thing, but it would allow people to truly get the credit they deserve when they are sharing CodinGame and inviting lots of people.

Personally, I find it questionable that there is an achievement for it because it encourages people to invite some guys that will just subscribe and never do anything. In the end, out of the 200k codingamer, how many are active ? How many have at least completed onboarding ? Or tested their code ?

I agree with colin. I think this achievement should be improved in something like “invited friends must have at least 1000CP”.

Good points. When I saw the email notification with colin’s reply, I thought of a similar solution.

That said - for people who are honestly attempting the achievement now, 20 invites can be a bit challenging. Making requirements stricter and requiring 20 successful invites who use CodinGame enough to earn 1000CP might be a bit much.

Perhaps the requirement for number of invites should be lowered if the invites are expected to be active? Surely the invitation of 10 active users is far better to CodinGame than 20 inactive ones.