Global Ranking graph

Hi evryone,
I was trying to have a look to my stat today… and oh my god!
Everything seems reset!

I see that you have changed the way computing the ranking, etc…
But somethink seems strange, I don’t have any coding point (change to experience point) and my rank seems under noob level…

I included my graph stat, I think it’s more explicit than words.
Many thanks!

It seems that most of your codinpoints were from achievements? Then they were indeed converted into experience. Experience contributes to your level, but not to your ranking.

The ranking is based on those codinpoints that can be lost (contests, AI games, optimisation games, clashes).


Yeah, actually I’m only making puzzles.
So I agree with you for the new system, but why after doing a medium puzzle, I earned place in the ranking?

I guess that the only explanation is that someone else lost some “competitive points” compared to you.

This is due to the fact that if you have the same ranking we rank by xp.

But, you should not have this baseline. This is a bug.

A new release will hide all these ranking charts in case you are not really ranked (this is the case if you do only solo puzzle). For others, the ranking tile will open a panel containing all of these progress details.

Thank you guys! You know that you’re awesome? =)
Explanations are fine! Sorry for inconvenience !!

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