Haven't coded in a while and lost all my solutions and CP for puzzles

but why god? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Since you haven’t been here in a while I assume a few things have changed (well I know things have changes fairly recently, so it just depends on how long ‘a while’ is) so you might want to check out this thread:

It basically explains that CP are only earned through multiplayer challenges, optimization problems and contests, and that everything else gives you experience points.

And a lot of the puzzles have been changed, so you would have lost your solutions for them unless you shared them with the community (unless you haven’t been around since that feature was introduced). You should still have experience points for all of your solved puzzles however. If not you might need to consider that you have logged into the wrong account, such as with google instead of Facebook or something like that.

I hope you figure it out :slight_smile:

Thanks for your detailed answer!

I will now fight my way back to the top in multiplayer!