Help CodinGame by leaving a review on G2


If you’re a fan of CodinGame and have a few minutes to spare, we could use your help!
(Bonus: you’ve already used the CG for Work platform either as a candidate or a recruiter)

For CodinGame to stand out from our competitors on the G2 site (a software review site), we need more reviews!

Writing a review takes only a few minutes (you have to answer some questions) and you’ll have a chance at getting an Amazon gift card (from G2). You’ll have to create an account on G2 and will also have to provide a proof you’re a real CodinGame user. For this proof, I suggest taking a screenshot of your profile page.

You can write a review using this link:

Thank you!

The only issue is that G2 ask me in what company i used CG. But i only use CG for personal use. So what am i supposed to answer since it’s a mandatory field ?

personal use which makes a you a better developer at your current company :wink:

I’m sure you could come up with something by yourself

Of course i filled with my current employer infos :smiley: It’s just a little weird since the questions assume you use a “tool”. So a lot of questions are useless with codingame.

Who exactly are your competitors?

Themselves of course

Hackerrank, Codility, DevSkiller…

Unfortunately, we were unable to approve your review because we could 
not confirm the company where you’ve used CodinGame.