Help, I can't see the source code Windows editor

I run codingame from Internet Explorer 11 and I can’t see the source code Windows editor. It is simply a white box.

Someone can help me ? Java plug’in is installed and enabled.

Thanks in advance?

There’s no need of java for this website. Have you tried another browser ? I don’t have the problem at the moment.

Ok, so it is not a problem from Java.

I tried with Firefox it works but I would like to be able to use IE because I don’t want to get two browsers in order to play codingame.

What can I try to fix the problem ?


I’m not from the staff but i can give you the basic advices:

  • Clean your browser cache
  • Try some differents browsers
  • Try a different computer if you can
  • Try to change you IP
  • Try to logout from this website and login gain

Out of curiosity, I just tried in IE 11. First time I’ve used it in several months. The majority of the CodinGame site seems broken or wonky. I’d recommend against using IE. Sorry.

As an aside, Edge seems to work better, but it’s hard to verify because I can’t login. I use google+ authentication, but clicking the google+ button on the login screen does nothing.

I use Chrome and rarely have problems. I’d say, though, that the devs should probably decide which browsers they intend to support and warn users of an unsupported or untested browser.

  • danBhentschel

We’ve fixed an issue with IE11 yesterday. Can you tell us if you still can’t see the code editor?

In order to help us, could you open the browser console and check for error messages?

Thanks for your replies.

I can’t use IE 11 right now because I am not on the same computer. Here I use Edge and all seem ok.

I will try on IE 11 Monday and I’ll keep you in touch.


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Bonjour Maxime,

Je viens d’essayer ce matin, tout semble être rentré dans l’ordre, ça fonctionne :slight_smile: !

La console n’affiche aucun message excepté des accès refusés sur certains scripts ce qui est probablement “normal”.


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