HELP! new to coding just wondering if im in the right spot of the internet

I’m very new to coding a buddy told me to check this site out. I’m looking to learn C# he said that seemed to be easier. I’m so new in fact I don’t know much at all… that being said I was wondering if anyone could point me to a place where i could learn without going up against people with experience. any other info would be greatly appreciated.


Learn by practice is the best mode of learning for myself. If you can learn independently without a teacher over your shoulder, this site could be suitable for you to find plenty of practicing opportunities in interesting ways.

It is not a tutorial website. When you got problems you should seek backup knowledge from other websites. Asking in chatroom is welcome. It is better you equip yourself with basic knowledge before asking.


I think programming is one of the field when you can find the most diverse profiles, so when you say that you’re new to it it doesn’t say much, you could be a junior high school teenager that want to start as a hobby, you could be a 40 y.o. looking for a reconversion and job perspectives, or anything in between.
So what are your age, background, expectations ?
Does it usually work for you to learn by practicing only ?
Do you mind more formal teaching like books, video lessons, etc ?

As for the choice of C#, I wouldn’t necessarily start with that, IMO it’s more efficient to learn a beginner friendly language like Python. That way you can solve a lot of puzzles/are autonomous to start small projects very fast.
The big con of Python is that it’s very permissive and will hide whole parts of what programming is, so in parallel to Python, it’s good to practice a bit of C and understand the differences between both languages.
Learning Python and C will never be a waste of time, those are widely used programming languages that will last in time.
And C will be the perfect base language if you want to start learning C++, Java or C# after that.

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