Help With Fivem Code DataBase

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OK so 1st easiest way to describe it is we use a system called ESX corps the corps is basically a depository of a bunch of information that says for instance when you do something in the game this is the way it responds now the core doesn’t have anything to affect this mod however the things that this mod calls on sometimes do
The mod uses a thing called a database the database is where files are stored for each job the 1st job is called vehicleshop what we try to do is create vehicle shop 2.

Now since the original mod uses the same database names and tables for instance when you have an employee and the vehicle shop one also has a an employee we have to separate their names so for instance car salesman 1 is obviously the 1st car salesman so if your car salesman 1 you could be car salesman 1 recruit salesman manager boss but as long as you were still sells men 1 you would fall into that table hence making salesman to recruit salesman manager boss as rankings 1st salesman 2

Now this falls on a couple different categories for instance vehicle shop two boss money

Also boss inventory so if you store items or cars inside the shop you have to separate between the 1st shop in the 2nd shop

Idea is to take a fresh copy of ESX vehicle shops which is working and runs to duplicate the mod so it creates its own tables as well so that we can have not just 1 or 2 extra vehicle shops but multiple the current issue is I can’t find one thing to change to make it work right when you wanna buy a vehicle as the boss the money works the selling of the vehicle works but you can’t buy it it doesn’t show you a list of inventory maybe I’m doing it wrong I’ve had different results each time I built the mod I just don’t know what’s causing it

So what I look for is how to run to vehicle shops on ESX or having 2 esx vehicle shops.

Now there are gonna be things out there that you’ll see that say just change the name of the file and it would a work it would if we didn’t allow for player owned vehicle shops if you all shared the same money shared the same titles same inventory but what we want to do is allow for individual players to have their own inventories their own money as if it’s its own job just like all the other jobs that we have this is the most complex job we have.
File On Request
Any Help Is Much Appreciated.

Thanks In Advance