How about ability to delete your unwanted solutions?

I admit I’m kind of obsessed with code quality (or my vision of it, anyway), and I have a lot of submissions per puzzle, of which I really only want to keep 1-3. Is there an option to delete unwanted solutions? Is there a limit to number of submitted solutions kept on server?

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Here is what I just tried, and it seems to work: if you submit your solution again, you have a button “Published” with a check. If you click on it, it removes your solution ^^

[Edit] Oops no, it does not remove previously published ones, my try was on a puzzle where I did not publish :confused:

OK, found it where it is ; in “Results” -> “History”, you have the button “Publish on CodinGame” for each validated solution ; there you can choose which version to publish / language, or to remove all solutions.

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Nice! Now, where do I find “Results”?

On the IDE of each solved puzzle ^^

Yeah right, I have found the “Results” button. Nice feature, especially “send to IDE”.
Can’t find any buttons to actually delete the solution, though.

The purple button just at the right of “SEND TO IDE” (“PUBLISHED” or “PUBLISH ON CODINGAME” state).

Sorry, I think I misunderstood your issue ; I thought you wanted to remove published solutions ; I don’t think there is a limit to number of submitted solutions, and I don’t think it is possible to remove some :confused:

I can confirm there is no limit for the history results. Or it is really big, because i have more than 9000 submits on Code VS Zombies.