How can I follow a friend?

Hey ! Maybe it has already been asked but id like to follow / see where my friend is at. And there is no where to search by nickname or to add his email.

thanks !

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oh and when i click on the “Find friend” button in the profile i get a red pop up saying that:

An internal error occurred (#-1): “internal error”. Please contact for help

Do you have this error all the time? If so, we would be very interested to know what’s going on.

Otherwise, if you know the nickname of your friend, you can find them in the leaderboard and then hit the follow button on their codingamer card (mouse over the avatar).

edit: I’ve just fixed one bug in this tool but I can’t tell yet when it will be released.

I have had the same problem.

I have found a simply solution :
I go on my profile and give his url to my friend. Also he can easily follow me.
But when I want to invit him in a multiplayer code game. I can’t !

thanks. yeah the error appear all the time.

There was a problem with names too long on gmail. Unfortunately, my fix created another bug with contacts without a name… So, we need to wait for the next release :/.

This should only affect the invite through gmail, do you have any problem with Facebook?

edit: should be fixed now. Do you still have troubles using the friend finder?

it works now ! Thank you for the light fast response ! Good job !

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