How can I see other players code after the game is over?

For educational purposes…

You can’t.
The end

Oups, I should precise more, as I still have admin icon, and I’m not supposed to dishonour codingame:
On your profile page, and on leaderboard page, you can see that there is a system of ranking depending on your contests performances AND training performances. If they let users share codes between themselves (they can’t avoid everything, but they try to), you could win rating points just by copy pasting codes from the best codingamers.
And detect this kind of cheating can be hard and implying extra computation (a code can be lightly modified).

If a code is only lightly modified, I think that diff should see it. :wink:
It would be interesting now to be able to see others’ code in the same language, if and only if we already own a 100%.


Not bad idea, like an achievement - you got it to 100% now you can see others solution, if it is opensource.

Hey @nicolas_patrois,

I’d love to see code sharing features with my buddies when reaching a 100% score in a puzzle.

Suggested this earlier here:

Not only with friends, but they also must have 100% in the same puzzle and the same language.
If not, the Babel tower achievements would be ruined.

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I strongly agree with that :smile:

Not sure if Babel tower is such an issue. As it can be done with any combination of puzzle, it means you can do it with Onboarding only anyway.

Ha yes, even in BF… :wink:

I agree to

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