How do you rank/league up in a contest?

I know that it has been said soooo many times, but i just don’t get how ranking up in contests works! I keep on beating the boss but i never get to the next league! Can someone please explain it in a very simple way?


You submit your code, and let it’s rank higher than boss

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@ccpp132 I did, and i beat the boss, but i didn’t get to the next league. Can you please explain why this is?

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if it says you have beat the boss, and promoted to a new league, you just wait. it takes time.

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You need to be above the boss after your matches to be promoted.

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Also… Silver League doesn’t show up until Tomorrow. Gold League doesn’t show up until Wednesday and Legendary League don’t show up until Friday.

So if you are in Bronze League… nothing is going to happen for you until Monday.

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when bronze players league up?

I have the feeling that the league system is rewarding the early-birds more than latecomers. It is easier to level up in the beginning because the lower leagues are not filled up as much with players (or rather because the average scores lower in the beginning) and it becomes more and more difficult with time.

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This is more an elaboration of some of the side effects of Sturgeon’s Law.

Sturgeon’s Law indicates that “90% of anything is crap”… it also is why the more material you have regarding something, the more likely it is going to be crap.

Essentially, by submitting early–you are entering before several ideas and concepts are established… which is a common thing in many areas of the world for doing “new ideas”.