How to earn the Let's-a-go achievement?

I participated in the latest worldcup contest “There is No Spoon”, and although I earned other contest-related achievements such as “I can speak this language” and “You can do it”, I didn’t get awarded the “Let’s-a-go” achievement which says it is for: “Start a worldcup”.

My question: what do I have to do to earn this achievement?

I think I have a similar problem. While I already earned the achievement from a previous contest it seems like the progress bar for the “start 3, 6 and 12 world cup contests” achievements didn’t update.

I have the Let’s-a-go achievement, but my Start-3/6/12-world-cup-contests is not updating too.

problem verified on my side too @FredTreg @loick_michard

Problem Solved.


It worked for me too.
That’s why I lost ranks yesterday…