How to solve codingane puzzles on mobile phone

It says higher resolution needed to access codingame
IDE. I want to join the new competition and develop my solution from phone ,does anyone know how ?

It’s possible at least for android 10 with Firefox in the desktop mode. I’ve managed to launch CG IDE by setting custom DPI for the phone and custom minimum zoom level for FF. It’s kinda tricky and can be bound to the phone model though.


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I have an issue with touchscreen keyboard .When I write to IDE , touchscreen keyboard doesn’t function the way I want to.

I should’ve said it’s possible to launch the CG IDE for making small fixes, but developing from the phone would be PITA (new Monaco editor is not touch-friendly, i have severe issues too), sorry.

used phony extention :

also bought a USB keyboard with mousepad
it has some UBS connectors, but doesn’t seem like the phone recognizes any device inserted into the keyboard

i guess next step would be to buy some kind of projector screen or small screen to complete the mini pc aspect :stuck_out_tongue:

On android all I have to do is open CG in chrome, chose “Desktop Version” in the settings.
And that’s it.

I found this link with several solutions for android, iOs, etc :