How / when are prizes being distributed?

Title says it all really. I can’t wait to show off my new t-shirt to my programmer friends :slight_smile:

You’ll soon receive an email with a link to order your gift through a kind of shop (don’t know if it can be called a shop as you won’t pay anything, but the idea is that you’ll be able to choose model and size).

Thanks, completely clear!

Do you know when is it likely to happen?

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I’ve already received the email, so you should have received it by now.


I didn’t get any mail for the PR2 T-shirt.
Do you ship to other countries than France?


@goq, maybe you should send a mail to the CG staff. It’s for the “PR2 map” prize if i remember, right ?

Thanks for the reply.

Hi, I’ve not received my T-Shirt for The Great Escape yet! (I selected the T-Shirt I liked and received confirmation email in the beginning of March). Is it ok ? When did you send it ? Is it possible to provide track number for package ?

Well I haven’t received the one from Code vs Zombies either and it’s been almost two months. No tracking number so no idea where it could be

Speaking of prizes, are those t-shirt only for contest winners or can they be purchased somewhere?

Hey sdepiets,

Sorry about that. All winners have been sent an email to order their t-shirt.
I just checked with Printfection US, who sends the t-shirts worldwide, and I saw that your order had been sent to Hong Kong, Fuk Lee Street, on December 17, but then it was transferred to local post office due to unsuccessful delivery.
The t-shirt is now on its way back to the US.

I will send you another link to retrieve a new tee, shall I use the gmail address you used for your previous order?



Actually, these models are reserved to Contests winners.
But yes, opening a store with plenty of other models and goodies is in project. Would you like this idea? :slightly_smiling:

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I do, especially that you seem to have a distributor already and that nowadays you dont need to stock goodies yourself - so it seen (at least from outside) to be cost neutral, even if the customer’s response is not as huge as expected :wink:

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I still haven’t received it after Chinese New Year unfortunately so it must have been sent back indeed.

It would be great if you could send another link to the same gmail address, I will have it delivered in France this time :slightly_smiling: