Hypersonic [BUG?] Bombs subsequent explosions

In the rules it is stated: “Any bomb caught in an explosion is treated as if it had exploded at the very same moment”.

To my understanding this should mean that all bomb explosions are resolved at once (i.e. “at the very same moment”), so I was expecting other bombs to block all of each other.

Instead, in the current game, bombs are resolved sequentially, and subsequent explosions do not get blocked by previously exploded bombs.

This is not what I expected especially since the rules state that: “A single obstruction may block the explosions of several bombs that explode on the same turn”. So, if boxes do not get immediately deleted, why should bombs?

(a) the rules should be corrected, changing that sentence and stating the order in which explosions are processed,
(b) the game simulation should be corrected to resolve all explosions at once, as stated in the rules.

Thank you!

I’m reviewing some of the replays and the issue seems even worse. If you check the next replay, in the last explosion, there is three bombs exploding. Two are in range of each other, but only one reaches a timer of 0. The bomb with timer 0 is not blocked by that with timer 5, but opposite!


a = reached by bomb A
b = reached by bomb B
X = reached by both A and B

Is this your expected behaviour or is it a bug?

In your replay, there is two Bombs in 5 (both A&B) so I guess it the correct behavior.

Oh! So that is what was happening!

I didnt realize… How did you catch it? :slight_smile:

That’s tricky, bombs animations are not synchronized so you can see the other bomb in some frame ! :smiley:

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Hi !
There are a few configurations which make me confuse.

Config 1:
2 bombs side by side with identical timer.
A is a bomb with timer at 1 and range of 3.
B is a bomb with timer at 1 and range of 20.
Is explosion of bomb B blocked by bomb A?
...xxAxBxxxxx -> A blocked explosion of B.
xxxxxAxBxxxxx -> A didn’t.
(x denotes places of explosion)

Config 2:
2 bombs at the same place.
Two bombs are placed at Z:

  • the first one with timer at 1 and range of 20,
  • the second one with timer at 8 and range of 3.
    The first bomb explodes. Is her explosion blocked by the second one?
    ...xxZxx... -> first bomb blocked by the second one.
    xxxxxZxxxxx -> first bomb not blocked by the second one.

In your first example .....A.B....., the result will be this one:


a is the flames of A
b is the flames of B
c is the flames of A and B
B block the flames of A and A block the flames of B.

If the bombs are at the same place like in your second example, the result is this one:
A is at timer 1 and range of 20
B is at timer 8 and range of 3


Like above:
a is the flames of A
b is the flames of B
c is the flames of A and B
The 2 bombs explodes at the same time.

Hi arrcpp,

I haven’t found any game where subsequent explosions do not get blocked by previous exploded bombs.
Look at this game: