Hypersonic player auto path

In wood1 with wall when I give a MOVE command, it sometime choose a path with a dead-end because of a block or wall, it’s kind of anoying, you better adjust the rules to have the BOMB/MOVE command to accept just a position one step away of the current one (or up/down/left/right).

With your first comment, are you telling it to move to a location that it can’t reach?
The game already accepts moves to adjacent positions (e.g. if you are at x=4,y=6 you can command “MOVE 4 7” then “MOVE 5 7” and give the path of your choice, one step at a time).

On Wood 3 and Wood 2 I was able to do a MOVE x y to ‘any’ open position and the game was moving my player to the position round after round using more a less the shortest path.
On Wood 1 because of the walls, the shortest is blocked but there is an open path a little longer however the game doesn’'t use it, just leave my player where it is.
Don’t say it’s a bug, but perhaps something that can be better defined in the documentation.

Could you possibly post a replay with an example of your player getting stuck instead of taking an open path? I can’t reproduced the behaviour you describe.


You could (and should) implement your own pathfinding instead of relying on CG’s one.

Please look at my replay. (ignore a,b,d after command it is for state debugging)

By using turn x, I mean the x/435 next to the play button
on turn 77 - i place bomb at 3 0
on turn 80 - try to move to 5 2 (unreachable, no go is OK)
on turn 83 - try to move to 4 3 (unreachable, no go is OK)
on turn 86 - try to move to 4 3 (unreachable, no go is OK)
on turn 89 - try to move to 1 2 (reachable?) <<-- bug or designed ? Can I walk pass the bomb @ 2 0?
on turn 92 - try to move to 1 2 (reachable?) <<-- bug or designed ?
on turn 95 - try to move to 1 2 (reachable?) <<-- bug or designed ?
on turn 98 - try to move to 1 2 (reachable?) <<-- bug or designed ?
on turn 101 - BOOM!

You can’t walk onto a cell containing a bomb.

Thank for confirmation. I should not assume I can walk pass all entities. :slight_smile:

I think the rule should add “You can stay on the bomb but can’t walk pass it once it start counting down”

The rules :

  • Using the BOMB command followed by map coordinates will make the player attempt to place a bomb on the currently occupied cell, then move one cell closer to the given coordinates.
  • Players may stay on the cell on which they place a bomb.

2 lines higher we wrote:

Every turn, a player may move horizontally or vertically to an adjacent floor cell. If a bomb is already occupying that cell, the player won’t be able to move there.

But I’ll agree that it might have been clearer if this piece of info was right next to the line you quoted.