Hypersonic Rank Issue

Is it just me or the explanation is not clear?

The Goal

Outlive your opponents.


The game ends when at most one player is left. The surviving player wins.
After 200 rounds, the game is stopped as if all remaining players are eliminated.
Players who are eliminated on the same turn are ranked by the number of boxes they managed to destroy during the game.

From this I understand that if a player outlives another player (but does not win), his rank at the end of the battle should be higher. Instead, they are treated as if they were eliminated in the same turn and ranked according to the number of boxes destroyed.

Only I see a contradiction here?


I suspect that they had the current behavior in mind and expressed it the wrong way. But maybe it’s the programmer that implemented it wrong, can’t say which is the correct one… Anyway, I doubt that they will change the current behavior at this point in time though.

I think that they have to take some action about this.
Either fix the game so it’s consistent with the rules, or adjust the rules so there’s no contradiction with the game.

There was a bug which made it possible for a player who got eliminated to outrank a player who had survived.
This has now been fixed to reflect the behaviour described in the rules.

I can still see the behaviour:

:tired_face: aw no!

Fixed for real this time.

Nope !

https://www.codingame.com/replay/138441379 or https://www.codingame.com/replay/138456695


Right. Something is seriously wrong. Now I’m fired up. :rage:

Seemed like a problem existed between keyboard and chair :confounded:
This time it’s fixed. Totally fixed.