Hypersonic - the missing manual


. - ground
0 - box
x - bomb

The bomb in the upper left explodes, blasting the box below and inducing a chain reaction with the bomb on its right. Does the bomb in the bottom left is hit at the end or are the boxes only removed once everything has exploded around? I would say yes because the description says so, but maybe the game engine doesn’t removes a box immediately once destroyed, but does mark it as exploded and doesn’t count it as a valid obstacle?

From what I understood from the rules the last bomb won’t trigger.

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Explosions have a range, meaning they span horizontally and vertically up to range squares in each direction unless they encounter a wall, box, item or other bomb.

So them bomb won’t be triggered, as mihai_maruseac wrote.

As this topic already exists:

Each cell of the grid is either a floor, a box or a wall. Floor cells are indicated by a dot (.), boxes by a zero (0) and walls by a cross (X).

‘1’ and ‘2’ can be boxes too (with items inside). This should be added to the description.

Under Expert rules:

  • A single obstruction may block the explosions of several bombs that explode on the same turn.
  • Once the explosions have been computed, any box hit is then removed. This means that the destruction of 1 box can count for 2 different players.

So no, the bomb on the bottom left should not be triggered.