I am new here and have a question about upcoming contest

I started today and been doing some of the puzzles. What is the difficulty are the contests most associated with (e.g. hard, very hard, etc.)? Are the contests separated by language? If top 10 (for prizes and such), does it mean top 10 of the whole contest or just the programming language rankings?

Thanks! Love this site!


Contests cover the whole panel of levels so that everyone can enjoy these.

Next contest is a bot programming contest. Understanding the context and developing a ‘simple’ bot will be very accessible, but at the same time developing a very powerful bot will be challenging and could be compared to hard/very hard puzzle.
Take a look at the bot programming tab on the games page. Join a game try to understand it and, in the leaderboard, look at what people are able to do when they are top 1, or top 1000.

As for prizes, it is about being top 10 of the whole contest. In addition, the top 1 of a language can win a t-shirt:

Win your T-Shirt
1st to 10th in global ranking.
1st in rankings by programming language