I cannot find my friend [RESOLVED]


I may be a noob, I cannot seem to find my friend. How can I do that, I am sure of its login SilFox.


We’re actually reworking the invite/find friends feature because it’s quite difficult to find your friends for now!

To find your friends: go to leaderboard and click the search icon at the top right. Enter your friend name “Silfox” and you will find him.

Thanks, we manage to find each other through the profile link.

Ohter issue related, I cannot see it’s code.

It’s too bad, because I am kind of mentoring on it’s code and progression, do you have any solution in mind?


At the moment, you can look at its solution only if he has shared it. For this, you need to go to the puzzle and click “results”, view solutions, and use the codingamer filter to view only codingamer you follow. If he hasn’t shared its solution, he need to share it to you directly (sent it by email for example).

Thanks for the tip!