I want a constest in July!

Why are contests so far away in time? I can’t understand why we have to wait more than 2 months between contests. I think people get motivated to code and need challenges more often!

Specially now in Summer, people have more free time and you choose to not have any contest in July and August?? This makes no sense to me.

I’m really happy with your work and really enjoy the experience here, but having so few contests makes me need to search for the challenge in other sites :frowning:

Creating these contests is probably a lot more work than you can imagine. My guess is that this is the main reason :slight_smile: And to be honest, I’d rather have less frequent but higher quality contests.

What about trying some of the solo puzzles as a warmup? I’m pretty sure the hard and very hard ones would be challenging to any programmer!


Actually I have juste the opposite feelings - why in September, when 1-2 weeks later in October one can use a contest as a tasks for students :(.

You can make available AI challenges, they should be pretty involving too.

indeed @arrcpp a contest represents quite some work for us. And it would be a shame if we botch them.
Before Hypersonic in September, you can use your time to improve and compete on the AI part of the site where you can find previous contests. And Clash of Code is always available!

I’ve been told that Codebusters could be available soon as a multi game… Stay tuned :wink:


What about old-style long contests? For example next year, could there be a 6-week “summer” contest running over july and august? With the contests coming immediately before and after scheduled further away of course…

I have no idea how much maintenance work a contest requires, scheduling one on holidays could be a problem if it requires permanent attention.

Another idea could be to do something ala puzzle of the week, bringing back an old AI game to the front. Getting a lot of people to play the same game at the same time could make for a nice “almost-contest”-like atmosphere…

What about old multi using the new system league?
I do think adding them one by one could really lead to more people playing multi games, I know you’re going to do it some day but i’m personally waiting for it, i might not be the only one :slight_smile:

Thta’s what we already doing btw, it will be CodeBuster then Tron

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Ok, thanks for the info !