I would like to add an extended contribution

Is it possible to add a custom contribution? I have an idea that fits right in with the existing content, but has some special “needs”.

  1. There are multiple “right” answers. So the verification code would need to be custom.
  2. I would like to add custom images to help explain the problem space.
  3. I would like to animate the steps of the puzzle. It would help players to understand what their solution is doing.
    For this, I’d like to submit some kind of animated HTML5 view and a bit of “solution checker” code. All free of sockets, external urls and whatnot of course.
    Does Codingame accept such contributions or are these kind of puzzles only created by the staff?

Hi @LucBloom,

Not yet. At the moment, you can only create contribution for community puzzle (simple in/out exercices) and clash of code.
But we are working on a public toolkit that will allow everyone to create “multiplayer bot” puzzle and “graphic” puzzle with a scripted code checker.

So to recap, not yet, but in few month for sure.