IDE: bug in cursor position after GO compiler error

Go compiler errors after pressing test case looks like this:

./Answer.go:155:1: missing return at end of function
./Answer.go:163:1: missing return at end of function
./Answer.go:167:1: missing return at end of function
./Answer.go:174:27: undefined: urface

155:1 means error in line 155, columt 1

Then IDE should move cursor in editor window to first error (line 155 in my example). When I use other language (c, python, etc), IDE does exactly that way - it moves cursor to first error line.

But when I use Go, IDE moves cursor to line, correspinding to the COLUMN of LAST errol in list - line 27 in my example.

Not a big deal with short programs, but it is very annoying when gets 100+ lines of code.

To reproduce error, one can open any puzzle e.g. Onboarding - first puzzle, and change stub code to get compiler error e.g. change output line 34

fmt.Println(“name of the enemy”)


mt.Println(“name of the enemy”)

Compiler says:

./Answer.go:34:9: undefined: mt

and editor cursor jumps to line 9 instead of 34

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Thanks for reporting the issue. I’ve added it to our bug list.

This is fixed!