[IDE js] Why can't i access the test cases and (debug) outputs in Practice?

Well, i would have thought it’s a browser issue and just chuck codingame to my growing list of sites that i won’t care too much to visit since their js is too bleeding-edge for my tastes…

Except… when i went to a Sponsored Puzzle (the Winamax golf) it actually worked all right. So your ajax can function just fine in my browser, except it won’t for basic practice puzzles. :-\

PS The F12 Console shows the following messages happening for both cases, so these are probably not the culprit:

  • SEC7118 “XMLHttpRequest for [different URLs, e.g. https://api.amplitude.com/] required Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).” (removed in IE11 on Windows 10, but still there in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7)

  • MEDIA12899: AUDIO/VIDEO: Unknown MIME type.

  • SyntaxError: Multiple definitions of a property not allowed in strict mode

However, the difference between loading the page for the two puzzles seems to be this:

ReferenceError: ‘Promise’ is undefined
at l (https static.codingame com/player.ffe7ed29.js:13:186611)
at invoke (https static.codingame com/vendors~app~player.0faaa475.js:45:25948)
at Anonymous function (https static.codingame com/vendors~app~player.0faaa475.js:45:59647)
at ae (https static.codingame com/vendors~app~player.0faaa475.js:45:50571)
at Anonymous function (https static.codingame com/vendors~app~player.0faaa475.js:45:44140)
at Anonymous function (https static.codingame com/vendors~app~player.0faaa475.js:45:43310)
at Anonymous function (https static.codingame com/vendors~app~player.0faaa475.js:45:10480)
at c.prototype.$eval (https static.codingame com/vendors~app~player.0faaa475.js:45:101949)
at c.prototype.$apply (https static.codingame com/vendors~app~player.0faaa475.js:45:102191)
at Anonymous function (https static.codingame com/vendors~app~player.0faaa475.js:45:10438)