IDE only in white

when spending some time coding, the white background becomes quite aggressive, especially if you’re like me and are used to coding in a terminal with a dark background.
so it would be great to have a way to change color scheme in the options. (maybe there is a way which I haven’t found)


You can configure the theme of the code editor with [Ctrl] + [,]

We agree on the need of a dark theme for the entire IDE but we only have one designer and he is quite busy :/.


Ctrl + comma? Ctrl + dot?
They do not work with me.

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That’s a comma. You need to give the focus to the code editor first.

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Awesome! That should be documented somewhere… And yes. I wish that the whole IDE had a dark theme.

BTW, that secret menu needs to be cleaned up. I’m using Firefox and I can’t differentiate between textboxes and empty space. Maybe use some other color? Also, the textboxes seem so large. And what’s “Options”? The textbox shows “undefined”…

We use the ACE editor:

And that menu is not a CodinGame menu but the ACE menu. That’s why it’s not well integrated with the remain of the website (but I guess we could try to fix a bit its appearance). It’s just a workaround I’m giving you to wait an official CodinGame dark theme, nothing official :smile:.

Ah. I see. Thanks. Didn’t know about the ACE editor.

Is there a way to save the settings I set? Because it is annoying to set it again and again when I open the IDE the next time. BTW, I don’t see CodinGame here

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Definitively the theme terminal is the one I am going for. Thanks for sharing. CTRL + comma (,) works fine for me.

Chaos for me.

I also want to know if is there a way we can save the settings?

it’s here ! thanks : )