Improve quality of life for C/C++

I would love a “compile” button that just compiles your code without having to start a whole run through an ai battle, etc.

Alternatively, an option to immediately pause or stop the run if your code fails to compile or crashes would be most welcome.

In addition, I’d love to be able to enable warnings – Almost every runtime crash I’ve had so far would have been caught if warnings were enabled.

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You can have the compilation and the warnings just by using gcc locally.

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Is there an easy way to download/upload source (besides cut-and-paste between the online and offline editor) – the online editor (at least in firefox) starts bogging down for me as the file size gets larger, so that’d be another advantage of offline editing.

I still think it’s worthwhile to improve the online experience – especially for folks just getting started with coding who may not have local editors, compilers, etc, or may find that less comfortable than the “online IDE” provided.

How big is your code ? I have some C++ IA with 2000+ lines of code for some multiplayer puzzle and i don’t have any problem.

How can I do that?