Improvements in the Clash of Code rating system

I propose to remove the sorting of participants by code length, because, in my opinion, this is unfair. In various programming languages, the minimum solution to the same problem can be a different number of characters (for example, compare Pyhton and C ++).
I propose to create areas in the auto-generated code that are not editable. They will include:

  • Linked libraries
  • The part of the main function with the declaration of variables and their input
    Code in non-editable areas will not be counted.
    Waiting for your comments.
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To be absolutely fair, you would have to separate the rankings by language.
even the print statement can vary between a single “p” and “System.out.println(”");"

impossible for random groups of 2-8 people with free choice of language.

maybe for the code golf competition, but not feasible for CoC :frowning:

One of the goal of shortest mode is to pick the right language.
This has been repeated over and over :wink: