Incorrect game (LoCM) in UTTT submit

I recently started Ultimate Tic Tac Toe. When I submitted my MiniMax bot in Wood, I saw 1 game I lost.
When I wanted to watch it, I got this:

Further clicking brought me to this replay. It seems to be my last battle in LoCM.

This looks like a bug to me…


That’s because:

Thanks for reporting.

We did some changes indeed to make the server push info to the clients instead of pulling the info of last battle everytime as I wrote here:
Coding Sprint: Ready, Steady…oh

We’ll look into this bug :slight_smile:

Ah ah ah, that’s entirely my fault :blush: I knew that it could happen but then I totally forgot about it…

That should only happen when you submit a bot in 2 games at the same time… Just ignore these games (you can close and open the panel to remove them…).

I’ll release a fix soon but we are currently in the middle of an important private hackathon that I don’t want to disturb with a new release during their contest.

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Hmm, I don’t remember submitting a LoCM bot. But I see it was submitted 3 hours before. Was that silver opening?

Any URL? :smiley:


It’s a private hackathon ;).

You miss every shot you don’t take :wink:


I think the private contest is an Amadeus one. According to linkedin.

But it will end soon (or already did?)

It’s over indeed, it ended on Friday. As always for us, it was a team event (3 players per team).
And it was super great & fun :slight_smile:

@_CG_Maxime @TwoSteps @_CG_jupoulton can’t we share the link to the public leaderboard ?
Btw it was great talking with you Julien :slight_smile:

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Dear Jahz,
No you cannot share the URL to the leaderboard. It is contractually private and both you an I well get into trouble with if you publish it. :slight_smile: