Instructions and feedback on exercises are not clear

I’m in C# just messing around and many of the exercises are NOT clear at all and off no helpful feedback other than SUCCESS or FAILURE.

It seems the wording doesn’t properly fit the objective and then you are left there wondering.

The hidden code is not obvious as well.

Some it seems like you have to code more than what the objective is asking for.
If so then that STEP of coding should be included in the instructions or the objective.

This is not being done in a debugger so it really needs to provide more feedback then it does.

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A really meaningful comment should be specific enough to let the community and site managers understand what your comment is about.

  • which puzzle/competition (name, link)
  • quote some lines from the instruction or returned info
  • explain why you think the quoted lines are less than satisfactory
  • may provide your preferred lines of instruction or returned info to illustrate your idea