IRC Archive

Hey all,

During the Platinum Rift I was a tad annoyed that quite a lot of interesting and useful discussions went down in the IRC chat room and we didn’t really have any means to search back previous chat entries. After the contest I made a private integration to always have access to the chat logs, but eventually I thought it would be useful for others too as a public tool, so I’ve decided yesterday to redo it in the wild :slight_smile:

As it’s only a few hours of work, there may be some subtle bugs or whatnot (heck, even the whole thing could go down), but I thought I’d share it with all :slight_smile: Feedback is always welcome.



Nice tool! Could it be possible to also have the french channel #codingame_fr?

It would need a bit of work since I haven’t designed the thing for multiple channels. I’ll think about it :slight_smile:

Done :slight_smile:

Channels are switchable via a dropdown, and also directly accessible:

Also fixed an annoying scrolling bug :slight_smile:



Really useful! Thanks @karalabe!


I’d like to find a solution to prevent spams on the IRC server. I googled to find out a kind of admin smartbot but I didn’t find a tool like that…
Does anyone have some knowledge/references to help me on that?