IRC server refuses connection

Am I banned from chat for some reason? I’m asking this, because the server simply refuses any connection. Does someone face a similar issue?

Same here :frowning:

When I’m in clash and others are contributing their solution the results are pending forever or something, I had like 8 minutes left, 2/3 already sent in and when I sent my contribution it showed me the real time I’ve had left: 30 seconds… ._.

EDIT: Works again. What happened?

The machine that hosts the IRC server simply crashed :). Other problems regarding Clash Of Code should be reported in the Clash Of Code thread. I know that an issue is currently being investigated but can’t be reproduced on our test machines yet.

Edit: during a few hours yesterday until a few hours ago, if you were very very unlucky, a correct code could be evaluated as wrong. This was caused by an upgrade of our mechanism: a temporary file didn’t have the read permission.
Regarding clash of code, we simply forgot to upgrade a very specific part of our system.

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