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Hello there,

Just a quick feed back. I am currently doing quite a lot of clash of code. I think that the IRC window should not pop when the user has already closed it (even if it only pops minimized).

It is a nice feature to have a chat but it is too intrusive to make it pop EVERY time the user enters a challenge/game/clash. Only the first time sounds better imo.


I agree, we should have an option to disable chat, especially if we use an external IRC client.

You can just block with your ad-blocker. The minimized window stays, but the title dosn’t change anymore.

@chrm : That is a workaround not a real solution.
Seeing the quality of this site I am pretty sur that devs can implement a feature to disable the caht :wink:

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I didn’t say that they can’t implement it. Sure, they could, but maybe they like it the way it is.

Come on, devs vs users? That can’t be still a thing, it’s the twenty first century. Have some more faith and love towards other entities!

From a distance of course. Webchat showing addresses for everyone as realname is not the best, especially if it can’t be turned off or changed.

Can’t people have different oppinions?! Like you said, it’s the twenty first century. I find the chat distracting, the devs might not. What’s wrong with that?

And who said something about devs vs users? Jyro wanted to turn the chat off. I offered him a way to do that. Using an “ad-blocker” to “block” the chat might sound a bit harsh, but that’s what it’s called.

I didn’t mean to offend or criticise. I’ve mealy wanted to point out in a slightly sarcastic way that in case there’s a reasonable need for a feature it will be added to the TODO. But of course it might not be prioritised, like @chrm suggested. Therefore I’ve tried to further the argument for more flexible webchat.

I haven’t spoken about your suggestion, nor wanted to. Anyway, I think it could work, but only as lack of better solution. E.g. reject out to port 443 by firewall. Note: still can be used on port 6667 with a native client.
Also, I think blocking https?://www\.codingame\.com/modules/chat/[a-Z0-9]+\.chat\.html might be better, but I can’t think of any hack to do it without a browser extension, and might be an overkill too.

But, I have to admit I don’t use ad-blocker or know how they exactly work whether they can only block host or handle regexp.

Any reaction from codingame team?
With the deployment of COC I think that this trouble is getting really anoying.

Bump !

This is really annoying. As OP said, when the irc window is connected, it takes the focus off of the IDE, like 3 seconds after the clash starts.

I would like this feature too.