Is it possible to add "load code from url" button to the IDE?

Hi. First of all, i would like to thank you for the great fun i have here >^.^<

But i have problems with code editing, when trying to work on my arm-based micro-pc (yes, i know… but it is fun too). Problem list:

  1. IDE is quite slow in Firefox. So i can’t comfortably edit the code.

  2. Chromium is buggy and unstable. So despite you have a great app for local code editing, i can’t use it.

  3. Copy and pasting is quite annoying technique.

  4. But i can easily upload code to Github or somewhere else directly from my text editor.

  5. So it would be very userfull for me (and, i hope, for other gamers) if it would be possible to point IDE to some external source to load code from and run tests. Github gists or custom URL would be nice as possible source.

– MB. With best regards

P.S. Excuse me for my nonnative English

Someone created a script for mozilla, if you want to test it :slight_smile:


Thank You very much. It works. But still i think that github integration could be very usefull feature