Is there a way to learn coding other than coding games?

Im having trouble with the games, and by now, all I can do is guess on the games. Can I use this site to thuroghly learn code, or do I have to use a different site? Please tell me!


the problem is, you have to know the basics, how to code or command the computer to do something, you have to learn to think this way. After this, you can select a language and learn that language by solving the puzzles of this site.
When I ask you, what is a counter, a loop, a conditional statement or maybe object oriented coding and what can you do with these things or what is their advantage
and you have to answer, I don’t know,
then you should read a tutorial or buy a book for beginners.

Is there a special language, which you would like to learn and what is the reason, why you want to learn this language or to code?

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IMO the best way is to implement a simple project of your choice. It can be anything, from a database data viewer to the control of your coffee machine over the network. And then, get the sht done in the langauage you are the most confident with.
If you find your project interesting and original, once implemented, restart it from scratch and share it on GitHub.
Get the sh
t done is the best way to learn the basics.

no there is absolutely no other way to learn coding than these games