Javascript engine unexpected random crash

i have a problem running my JS scripts and i started noticing it about halfway through Smash The Code, but it happens in any context really. The problem is that sometimes, about 5% of the times, my script will crash on launch giving this error:

Assertion failure: [unhandlable oom] GlobalWorkerThreadState::ensureInitialized, at /tmp/mozjs-31.2.0/js/src/jscntxt.cpp:1392

of course this is not my script going out of memory, because that would give a different kind of error. I can reproduce this crash by simply going on the “onboarding” puzzle and running my js solution 10 times.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Can you mail us your code to, so we can reproduce it ? Thk :slight_smile:

sure, i’ll send you my onboarding solution and paranoid android solution.
today it seems better: just ran the onboarding test about 30 times without crash, so i switched to the paranoid android “one step further” and ran all the 10 test cases 3 times in a row before getting the crash. maybe it has something to do with server load, or a specific server…

I saw this twice yesterday on the tutorial puzzle with the solution code copy-pasted in. It seemed to randomly fail the test cases with a similar error. And then would randomly failed one of the Submission test cases. I hit Submit twice in a row, the first time it failed one test, the second time it passed all of them.

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yeah, it’s especially annoying in puzzles with a lot of test cases, as there is a good chance that one test will fail because of this bug.
i submitted my paranoid android solution 3 times before getting a 100% score

Sorry for the late response, we didn’t see your message earlier because it was mark as spam :smiley: (Code source in .js I guess ).

Btw, I can’t reproduce the bug. It had to be a temporary bug that disappeared when we restarted the code machine for a similar bug on Java.

If you are still experiencing the problem, thank you to let me know.