Keybinding problem ( dvorak keyboard layout )

I use a bépo layout keyboard ( french adapted dvorak ) on wich underscore ( _ ) is done by pressing alt gr + space. But in the IDE, this combination seems to be used for something else ( which btw I didn’t understand, is that a completition system ? )

I could do without but all the defaults variables get a _ in their names :stuck_out_tongue: so it’s a bit tiring

Is there a solution ? Else … no bépo …

Thank you !

Hey @liums,

Unfortunately this is a shortcut of the IDE.
@SaiksyApo created an addon for google chrome that let CodinGamer write the code from their own IDE:

As long as this addon works, it might let you continue to use bépo while coding here :wink:

I’ve seen this … maybe the reason to throw out Firefox ^^

thank anyway for your answer

There is also a non-Codingame product for Mozilla, created by a CodinGamer :

Great ! thank @SaiksyApo :smiley: