Last contest

I am interested, is it possible to see past contests problems or not?

All puzzles on the platform (expect sponsored ones) were contests before. Same for multiplayer games.
However The Accountant game won’t be available.
Hypersonic multiplayer game will be released end of October.



would it be possible to see history of submissions for this contest? I would like to know how much points has my last submission made.


I don’t think it will be possible, and I don’t understand why you want to know. Was it a specific submission? Or is it just by curiosity?

It was specific in the meaning that it should be a lot better than the previous :slight_smile:
But it didn’t pass one test case, so it resulted in 97% and therefore I don’t know how much points it actually earned. I submitted it less than one hour before the end of the contest and the message was something like “pending for score calculation”. And when the contest finished I wasn’t able to check the score, because only the one that scored 100% was counted.