League Promotions

Firstly, great site I am having fun and have learnt a bit.

Next why make people wait to promote to the next league? A couple of days ago Maddy inspired me to join ‘the coder strikes back’ I started in the wood section obviously and quickly got to bronze, I then had an hour wait until I could actually play in the bronze section, I mean I was having fun my brain was buzzing with ideas and maths and stuff, but now I have to wait… You even change the rules, I know you change them but I have no idea how the change will change the game, am I wasting my time pursuing my current strategy, or not. Anyway it was only an hour, but by the time that hour was up my wife wanted to watch a movie and that pretty much ended it for a day.

Anyway I had another go yesterday and got promoted to silver at 11:00, and had to wait for the promotion to be effective until 17:00 I mean come on… That is six hours, talk about buzz kill. Compound that with the fact I broke my computer and and I only had a couple of hours left on shared (but decent) computer. By 17:00 I would be on a computer that is over 10 years old, and hardly worth turning on… So knowing I would be on the old computer I refined my ideas a little all the time worrying about rule changes but doing it anyway.

So later I log back in and OH NO… I have been promoted to gold league, and I have to wait another 24 hours. It feels like I have been punished for doing too well.

I like the concept of the league system, even the rule changes are ok, but why make us wait. (It would be even worse if this was a competition and I only had 8 days). As a minimum can we find out the new rules so we can at least decide how it will influence our current optimisations we may be considering. But preferably just let us continue. If you are worried about the league emptying out or something, you have our submission code, so surely you can use that for as long as required.