Learn how to code

Hey everyone, I’m currently a beginner in the coding world and I wanted to know what are some ways that I can start understanding everything? I just finished my first C++ class, but I still can’t manage to figure out the puzzles on this page (not even the easy ones). So, I wanted to know if there’s any advice to improve my critical thinking and coding skills for the future.

Thanks everyone.

Have you written your “Hello World” program? Have you written it confidently without looking at the books/notes? Have you extended it to become “Hello Peter”, “Hello Charlie” that allows users to key in a name before response?

The key point is to write and write and write. Do plenty of exercises. After writing a few hundred programs you will know you have made progress (but still far away from “understanding everything” which is quite impossible to achieve).

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Thanks for the response. That’s the thing I don’t know where to find exercises to start practicing. I see coding like math the more you practice the better you get, but I don’t know where to go.

Exercises come from your inspiration, your own desire. If you have done the programs I suggested above, extend it further. Read data from file? Write data to file? Transforming the upper/lower cases of the chars before outputting?
Reading or writing one String is too boring. How about reading and processing 10 integers? Can your code determine the integer is odd or even? Extend it further to write a multiplication table of 10x10 data?
Many “easy” puzzles in CG involve these basic data manipulation skills so play through them as you are progressing.

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Great thank you for the advice. I’ll take everything you provided me into consideration.