Less unstable time limit

Is there any plans to change time limit and how it works?

Why I’m asking is because I mention that when I submit my code, seems first X battles played in parallel at same machine and my solution very often not working in proper time. After that it becomes rare and rare. Also I mention that sometimes (someone also submit code?) it becomes worse.

So, if my algo is hard to stop after some specific time, because solution will be not optimal - algos like genetic and so on have advantages, because they can easely stop after specific time.

And with current “time limit” I don’t see another ways, only as use genetics and so on, because reduce deep of brute force algo just on case if server will be busy mean lose a lot in case if it is not so busy.

And actually this make me sad, because in this case solutions will be very similar :frowning: Everybody use genetics, just diffs in evaluation formula.