Line Racing multiplayer challenge discussion

We’re currently looking into it.
I’ll update this thread when solved:

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Follow-up in 2020: I scrapped the playouts in favor of a Voronoi-based heuristic, along with a few move sampling biases. Still no graph abstractions. After finally correcting a timing bug, my bot is in top 50, and I hope it will stay there. I believe a few more tricks will be needed to compete for top 10, though. Note that there is still one Python player above me on the ranking, who probably knows some tricks.

Everyone talks about Minmax, and I understand what Minmax is, but I have zero idea how to apply it to this problem…


pls, what is logic in the “Tron Top 5%” ? i don’t find this ^^

It was a long time ago, but I think it was this link:

Hoooo <3 ty :wink:

Try to win this configuration as orange :smiley:


On Tron all games are mirrored so the goal is to not lose this kind of match up when you are red :stuck_out_tongue:
But it’s true that this might affect the true skill ranking -> if an ok bot is matched with a top bot on this setup, it’s likely that it will be 1 win and 1 loss for each…

Somewhere in the top 20 area, we have a bot, which is participating in games, but the owner it not visible in the Leaderboard. It belongs to an account, which was deleted quite a long time ago. Here is an example replay with the bot playing as red: And this is his profile:

I think it is a bit confusing to have a player in games, who does not participate in the (visible) Leaderboard. Is this intentional or should the bot be removed from CG or should the Leaderboard also display the deleted user?

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We recently removed from the leaderboard deleted accounts but it looks like we forgot to change the code that picks the players for the new battles. It’s a bug.


@_CG_Thibaud or someone from CG! “Tron Top 5%” link on the game page contains the full copy-pastable solution, which can reach gold at least :frowning:
Is it intentional? I believe it would be better to remove either source code from write-up, or link to this write-up from the game page.

you’re right, I’ve removed the link

The Perfect Game
(could have been)

Hello there! Despite winning against the boss (multiple times), I am stuck in the first place of the same league (Ligue Bois 1 in french, I guess it is named Wood League in english). Any idea why I’m not promoted?

Thanks for your help!

This might be relevant to your issue:

I has been solved! Thanks for your help and the link. However I do not know why it worked, I didn’t start any other game or anything. ¯_(ツ)_/¯