Live Notification Number is unpleasant


since I couldn’t find anything to contact CodinGame directly I figured the Forum might be the next best spot.

The Notification number for the amount of streams is really annoying for me. Normal notifications go away if you click on it and look why doesn’t this one?

Can you please reconsider the design decision on that?

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The idea is to show current streams, not only their start, so the count is displayed permanently.
I don’t know why this little item on the top of our screen is so annoying for you, but globally, the feature have good feedbacks and is used by many users, so I don’t think the CodinGame staff want to reconsider anything about this, all the more if the reason is just “I don’t like it”.
However, at most two lines of JavaScript are enough to hide it, if you really can’t support his view…

you can use Ublock origin, right click, block element, select annoying icon, click ok

done ! it’s blocked as long as ublock is on and you can turn off at any time to enjoy all icons in your browser


After the feature was released, following feedback, we decided to make the notification yellow instead of red. It will be implemented soon as part of the reorganisation of the header. Hope it will help.