[Log request] Skynet strikes back - stuck

Hi there.

I’ve a strange behavior when submitting my algorythm.

The 5th test fails (complex mesh) in validation.
The replay shows that playground is identical to the IDE 5th test, but during validation, the virus is stuck and the game does not ends (timeout received).

[IDE replay (good)][2]
validation replay (stuck)

Is it possible to have logs or something to debug it ?

[2]: https://www.codingame.com/replay/solo/61574888

Validation tests are note the same as in the IDE and it seems to be a problem for your program:

Timeout: your program did not provide an input in due time.

Yes, I saw the message.

I finally got it, but it required me to detect at which step the algorithm was stuck, and to print on standard output a kind of dump. And to iterate until I found the problem.

So my request become: is it possible to have the error output during a replay ? it will help a lot to debug.

My algorithm was not that much errord: it was dependent on node orders, that’s why it worked on test cases, and not during validation.