Logguer dans l'historique le classement de la version


Ca serait très utile dans le panel Historique d’avoir le dernier classement de chaque version, par exemple au moment de cliquer sur soumettre, on enregistre le classement en cours pour la version en cours avant de la changer.

Parfois je teste plusieurs stratégies et j’ai beaucoup de difficultés à retrouver la version mère que j’étais en train d’optimiser.

Je tiens à vous remercier et vous féliciter du bon travail qui a été fait sur cette plateforme.



… I’m using my standard issue Canadian Super-power to forget I don’t actually understand French for a few moments…

I’ve gathered you are asking about some form of logger of “scroll” to indicate the history of conversations in the Codingame chat?

Well, since the Codingame is a standard IRC chat client that leads to a Codingame IRC server that I’ve yet to test if it only allows the specific web client to join (which would be… uh… ridiculously easy to spoof…). A logger would mostly just involve somebody having a bot connect to the Codingame chat server… and log everything. Something that hypothetically anybody can do.

Heck–once I deal with my current issue of only being able to access this website via public terminals I might even do it. Hell, I’m likely to just dial an IRC client such as X-chat, IRSSI, BitchX+screen, etc. onto the Codingame server and channel. (In… amongst a bunch of other crazy shit I’ll be doing should I get my own Deck. That I’m going to just joking refer to as my “Oni Sedai”… >.>’)

Is… is this a possibly terrible unhelpful response?

I was actually talking about the panel history in the left which does some sort of versioning of our code ( each time we submit our solution, it creates a new version there ). I was asking if it could be possible to add to this history, for each version, the last ranking that this version had, for example, when we click submit, we store the current rank with the previously submited code before sending the new code to be ranked ).

Very often I’m trying to optimize a solution by submitting different strategies, It’s difficult now to get the parent solution because we have to remember its code ( sometimes there is juste some parameters which change ).

Thanks !

Ah… sorry about the misunderstanding. As a Canadian, I just forget I don’t actually know French. It doesn’t have me actually knowing French. Except sometimes… >.>’

Hi yassine. I think it could be a good idea to add a tag to a submit so you can search it afterwards, and I don’t think it should be too complicated.

Though let’s wait for an official answer, I think your idea is good and doable.